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Anchors are sensitive to installation and many failures associated with anchors have been caused by incorrect installation. The AEFAC Anchor Installer Certification program has been developed to promote best practice for installation and to safeguard human life.

An AEFAC Certified Anchor Installer has demonstrated the ability to understand and execute Manufacturer’s Installation Instructions on how to properly install anchors. The certified installer must be capable of assessing ambient conditions, concrete condition, materials, equipment, and tools for installing mechanical and chemical anchors. The certified installer must also demonstrate when it is necessary to consult a supervisor or project engineer during installation.

This certification program is based on the American Concrete Institute (ACI) Adhesive Anchor Installer Program but it has been extended to include mechanical anchors and adapted for Australian practice.

This course contains a series of videos which explains the proper ways of installation of different post-installed fasteners.

Currently, this course contains the following fasteners. Please come back again as we keep adding more fasteners types.

1. Chemical fasteners (vertical down installation)

2. Overhead injection with piston plug

3. Torque-Controlled expansion fasteners

4. Displacement-Controlled expansion fasteners (Drop-ins)

5. Undercut fasteners

6. Screw fasteners

7. Torque-controlled mechanical fastener (Through bolt type)

8. Anchor channel

9. Cast-in anchors

10. L or J bolts